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The Simple Step-by-Step Guide in Cleaning Your House

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August 8, 2018
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The Simple Step-by-Step Guide in Cleaning Your House

Keeping your house clean is one of the most challenging chores ever, especially if you and your spouse have weekday work from 8 to 5 and if you have small children with only one goal in mind: mess the house up.

But all you really need to do is set a whole day (ok, maybe half a day) for this during the weekend when you don’t have work. Take your kids to your parents, too. Not only will they love it, you will get to concentrate on your chores. Now, read on…

First, Start with the Toilet (3-5 minutes)

Spritz the walls, floors and other porcelain (sink, tubs) and glass with your cleaning solution. Sprinkle the toilet bowl with baking soda or cleaning powder. Leave it.

Second, Continue with the Rooms (15-20 minutes per room)

Strip the linens from the bed and pillow cases from the pillows. Throw everything which needs to be thrown in the hamper for washing. Throw everything which needs to be thrown in the waste baskets then take it outside. Dust furniture pieces. Vacuum the carpet, polish the floors. Replace the linens and pillow cases.

Third, Go Back to the Toilet (15-30 minutes)

Some cleaning experts don’t really want to do this. But we want those solutions to do their magic first before you start scrubbing and hosing down. It will be easier to clean your toilet this way.

Fourth, Move to the Kitchen (30 minutes to an hour)

This is one of the hardest places to clean in the house. Yes, for a lot of expert cleaners out there, this is even more challenging than going down on all fours and working on the toilet and bath.

When cleaning the kitchen, you should circle your way around it beginning at the right side of your stove (including your stove) because it is the greasiest part of the area. Soak your pans and everything that’s oily in warm and soapy water.

Next, sanitize the e-coli and salmonella-filled sink. Find a good anti-bacterial detergent for the sink and the tiles but it’s better to use organic cleaners for your knives, cutting boards and other utensils.

Do the dishes. Wipe the counters and the appliances clean. Throw the garbage and sanitize your bins. By the time you’re back to the stove and oven, it has been de-greased properly. You can work on that easily now. Once you’re done with it, clean the floors.

Fifth, The Dining and Living Area (20-30 minutes)

We have consolidated these two areas because there really are not a lot of things to be done here. First, de-clutter. Throw what must be thrown and keep what must be kept. Next, do your dusting. If there are glasses, spritz it with a cleaner and wipe. Finally, mop or vacuum the floors. It’s that simple!

The guide provided above is great for all those who have no idea how to start their chores at home. You could make your own system, of course, depending on what works for you. Soon, you will get the rhythm for this and then get to work on these regularly.

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